Connect InPhase to Tableau®

Turn existing BI dashboards and data into action items

If you’ve already implemented a BI project, you’ll know that fast-moving data and dashboards does not necessarily mean faster moving change. It certainly doesn’t mean that the insights identified are collaborated upon and converted into trackable actionable tasks. Unless of course you already have InPhase.

Today, InPhase is the single application from which any team member can access performance information from anywhere across the business including fully embedding Tableau® dashboards into the solution.

No reworking of data, no re-working of dashboards, InPhase enables you to leverage your existing reporting investments in other BI tools and bring them together within InPhase so you can make decisions based on fact and manage the action process and impacts in one place.

A Single place for everything

Whether you are connecting to data and creating dashboards solely in InPhase, or blending this with other reporting such as SSRS, PowerBI, Tableau, SharePoint or Excel, InPhase is your one stop shop for all users to make and track decisions aligned to strategic intent.

Never before has it been so easy for your business managers to find real time information, predictive outturn data, collaborate, see historic activity and make informed trackable decisions on what to do next.

An InPhase portal brings together your single version of the truth so teams can communicate with each other about issues and planned work activity all day – in real-time.

InPhase lets you define who’s doing what by when, track progress, and make adjustments as things change. You’ll see a direct correlation between outcome results and input actions.

This means your teams will focus on the projects, actions and deliverables that matter. Nothing will fall through the cracks or get missed and scare resource will be focused on the right things at the right time for maximum impact.

See Tableau® data updates in InPhase, take action on those updates, and even use Tableau dashboards in InPhase business goals and projects with tasks management and discussion.

All without leaving InPhase.

Define success and key results seamlessly

When you turn your data insights into tasks and projects in InPhase, everyone will know who’s doing what, when. The full integration of outcomes, key results, projects, risks and actions alongside operational data means it’s a seamless place from which everyone manages their part of the business plan.

Personalised View

Regardless of where the data comes from, InPhase will let you define key deliverables and disseminate the information to individuals and teams effortlessly. You can create tasks or Projects based on the data insights regardless of its source right within InPhase.

The personalised view means you’ll get a consolidated view of all the things for which you’re responsible. You’ll be nudged with notifications in the software. A task link enables you to seamlessly update the current status of your responsibilities over time. You can complete it, change the owner, involve other members of the team, update due dates or even refine what your tasks and project impact upon.

A single integrated solution

Where some companies are looking to bolt together many products InPhase is your users’ single point of deliverable for everything you will need.

With an ever increasing set of product integrations, InPhase makes managing your whole business, departments, team and individuals easy.

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