Free - 2 Hour Training Session

Building your own
Management Dashboard.

Your own dashboard, on your own system, in 2 hours.

Our training session will cover how to build the perfect management dashboard, from working out the KPI's to reviewing layouts and design, and integrating all of the key important components, Strategic/KPI/Commentary/Risks and critical actions.

The training session will go through the build itself, we will then have some time at the end to go through any particular questions or dashboards that you might have built, we will have break out rooms on the webinar so we can do an interactive screenshare if you want.

13th May - 11AM

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Why attend?

Learn how to get the best out of InPhase
Has your management team asked for a COVID dashboard? (use ours! And save time!)
Learn how you can integrate all of the key features onto one page

What we will cover in the training session?

  • Building the dashboard from scratch - using features such as:
    • Trends
    • Risks
    • Commentary
    • GIS
  • Covering business areas such as
    • Strategy
    • KPIs
    • Financials
    • Risks
    • Actions
    • Projects
  • Reviewing page design and structure
  • Making the page interactive and have it integrated i.e. Risks relating back to strategy
  • Time at the end of the session for a one to one in a personal chat room
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