NHS Complaints


Do you have feedback or concerns about a local NHS hospital or community service?

We commission services from local hospitals, GP practices and other healthcare providers.

We welcome compliments, concerns and complaints, as this information can help us, not only to learn from patients’ experiences, but to make improvements to the services we commission. You can read our Complaints Policy or download our Compliments, concerns and complaints leaflet.

We have a responsibility to ensure your complaint is investigated thoroughly, where the person affected by the issue is a patient at one of our GP practices.

You can contact the organisation which provides/provided the service to you, or us at the ICB. If your complaint relates to the service you received at your GP practice, you need to contact NHS England using the information below.

If you send your concern to us by mistake, don’t worry, we will get your permission and send it on to the right organisation.

Your complaint should be made as soon as possible. This should be within a year of the event, or as soon as it came to your attention. You can make a complaint about something that has happened to you, or on behalf of someone else, if you have their permission.

Submit Online

Click here to submit a complaint or compliment

Write to

For Birmingham area:
PO Box 14043
B6 9BL


0300 020 0093


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Customer Crisis Dashboard Workshop

Free - 2 Hour Training Session

Building your own
Management Dashboard.

Your own dashboard, on your own system, in 2 hours.

Our training session will cover how to build the perfect management dashboard, from working out the KPI's to reviewing layouts and design, and integrating all of the key important components, Strategic/KPI/Commentary/Risks and critical actions.

The training session will go through the build itself, we will then have some time at the end to go through any particular questions or dashboards that you might have built, we will have break out rooms on the webinar so we can do an interactive screenshare if you want.

13th May - 11AM

Learn More

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Why attend?

Learn how to get the best out of InPhase
Has your management team asked for a COVID dashboard? (use ours! And save time!)
Learn how you can integrate all of the key features onto one page

What we will cover in the training session?

  • Building the dashboard from scratch - using features such as:
    • Trends
    • Risks
    • Commentary
    • GIS
  • Covering business areas such as
    • Strategy
    • KPIs
    • Financials
    • Risks
    • Actions
    • Projects
  • Reviewing page design and structure
  • Making the page interactive and have it integrated i.e. Risks relating back to strategy
  • Time at the end of the session for a one to one in a personal chat room

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Pre-Built Report Workshop

1 Hour Group Session

Pre-Built Reports Re-gen

We want you to decide what pre-built reports you see in InPhase.

Do you want to help contribute to the InPhase Reporting Strategy? We need you!

We want to build and expand on the pre-built reports within InPhase, we want to understand from the customers what reports you want so we can build them and deliver them to you free of charge.

The workshop event is a virtual event designed to discuss the current reports, possible InPhase suggestion and also get some customer feedback on what to focus on. Within the virtual event you will get the chance to vote based off your opinion and prioritisation of certain reports, which will then be undertaken by the InPhase team and released to customers.

Feel free to bring examples of reports that would be useful to go into the pre-built area, as they can be reviewed in the session.


  • InPhase Overview of the Pre-Built Report Strategy
  • Feedback on current requirements
  • Interactive voting and polling session
24th June - 10AM

Register your seat

We're looking for customers who are happy to share and discuss ideas

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3 Month Site Licence Upgrade

3 Month Site Licence Upgrade

InPhase have announced that all current business management customers are able to have a free of charge 3 month site licence. This is designed particularity for those teams wanting to use the InPhase Crisis Management Solution including Covid-19 staff wellbeing, action management and / or decision tracker.
For any existing customer that would like to leverage the offer of a 3 month free upgrade to a site licence you may do so now. * Please pop us an email to say that you would like to take advantage of the offer. If you would like access to the Covid-19 staff wellbeing, action management and / or decision tracker please either call your account manager or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have departmental teams that set up emergency spreadsheets to track any type of information and you would like to consolidate it into InPhase so that it’s auditable, multi-user and accessible from any location please call for support.

*The free of charge site licence is currently available until the end of June 2020, and may be extended.

Please contact the team

01753 480 480


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More information

InPhase Covid-19 Crisis Action Management system includes

  • Crisis Command Centre for each level of your command structure:
    • - Gold, Silver, Bronze Command or
    • - Strategic, Tactical and Operational boards
  • On mobile quick-click real-time staff Covid-19 health and work capacity check
  • Real-time capacity reporting for every team
  • Team capacity trend and projection analysis
  • Crisis Action plan tracking, monitoring, reporting, and real-time updating for team and individual
  • Collaboration and discussion for everyone, in the office, the ward, at home, or in the field
  • Automated Crisis Action succession routing on staff member incapacity or absence
  • 1-click issue and action chain-of-command escalation
  • Automated notifications

Immediately available on InPhase Cloud for integrated Crisis Action and Capacity management during the ramp-up, through the peak, during recovery and into the new normal.

Please contact the team

01753 480 480


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“As crisis and Business experts, we have implemented Covid-19 specific features to support our crucial public sector and commercial customers who need to keep operating during these difficult times.

Our mission is to make sure you and your teams can function as well as possible, to help keep the economy and country going.”

Robert Hobbs, Chief Executive Officer

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