Exclusive by-invitation-only personalised round table meeting

Integrated Mining Management

Exclusive mine operating solution round table session in the heart of London, chaired by Robert Hobbs.

Morning of 10th October 2019
The Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London

This exclusive round table event is hosted by experts in the fields of mining and performance management to explore how it is possible to reduce inefficiencies, increase safety and improve shift production value with a continuous improvement approach within a mine using an online mine operating management solution.

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Limited seats available as this is an exclusive, free event

Your Hosts

Robert Hobbs

CEO InPhase

Robert is the founder and CEO of INPHASE, with a vision for delivering software to support complex performance improvement journeys. International speaker on organisational performance, designer of award-winning software and solution implementations for organisations including: a Balanced Scorecard strategy management solution for DuPont Polymers, multiple efficiency-improvement Beacon Awards for Local Council’s and Police Forces, a Sunday Times featured complex multi-stakeholder performance solution for the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment. Robert has worked as a supplier and collaborator over many decades to Dr. Mark Sander in multiple complex business improvement programmes, including at Lonmin, Green Tweed, Mandalay Resources and Consolidated Nickle Mines.

Mark Sander

Customer Guest Speaker
Co-founder and principal at Plinian Capital

A strategy and business development leader with more than 25 years experience generating transformation and profitable growth in diverse, global businesses. Known for launching stalled companies on their journeys to bold futures.

Dr. Sander has led or co-led multiple company transformations, being strategic planner for Magma, subsequently the VP of Strategy and Planning for BHP Copper, and recently CEO and President of Mandalay Resources.

Dr. Sander holds a PhD in Ore Deposits and Exploration from Stanford University (USA) and has been active in the mineral resource industry for the last 25 years in operations, strategy and exploration, with a focus on Copper, Gold and PGM projects.

Dr. Sander is currently a principal at Plinian Capital along with Brad Mills, ex-President of BHP Billiton Copper Group and ex CEO of Lonmin, and Anton Mauve ex-VP Strategy and Long term planning with Lonmin. Plinian Capital was founded in 2009 to identify and invest in and improve undervalued opportunities throughout the mining value chain. Plinian Capital is technically focused and brings resource geology, mining engineering, metallurgical, marketing and metal and concentrate sales expertise to the operations in which they invest in and operate.

Plinian funds its investments with a combination of principal’s capital, co-investments and fund under management to capture this value and then advance projects to their maximum value return point for investors. Current holdings include Mandalay Resources, West African Minerals, Circum Minerals., Consolidated Nickel Mines and Helio Resources Corporation.

The Topic

Robert has worked with Mark on the concept and realisation of a fact-based rigorous plan-do-check-act business-model system over many years. This very first round table meeting of its kind will discuss openly with other mining operators the opportunity for high value impact on a mine’s performance of an integrated mine management platform. They will share their work on tying together strategic goals with the cause and effect driver models of the recognised core value-added processes, cascading down to aligning granular daily shift action planning.

What to expect

The event is designed to explore, educate, enlighten, demonstrate and discuss how it is now possible to use cloud-based technology across an operation to unite all systems and processes from the rock face, to shift management, to weekly, monthly board and investor reporting, to arrive at one version of the truth.

Enabling better, faster decisions based on fact from the board to the rock face.


We'll start the session with tasteful breakfast refreshments.

Robert Hobbs &
Dr. Mark Sander outline

Robert and Mark will open the meeting outlining and illustrating the methods and approach for discussion. Learn how they have supported the continuous improvement principles of Deming’s plan-do-check-act cycle for strategic, operational medium- and short-term planning and recently extended this down to shift interval control action planning.

Round table discussion

The meeting will be opened-up for all delegates to raise questions and discussions around the approach outlined, their own experiences, goals and obstacles in implementing management performance improvement solutions, strategic, operational or Short Interval Control based and share ideas around how to improve mine management decision making effectiveness.

Final Refreshments

We'll finish the session with an optional delicious lunch.

Solutions & Methodologies

Delivering an online mine operating system combining over 30 years of mining strategy, exploration and operating experience within BHP, Lonmin, Magma and many other operations, and with 25 years of performance management software implementations the approach under discussion would:

  • Capture data from multiple commonly automated sources
  • Combine manual data, including shift card updates, local plan and narrative
  • Highlighting deviations from both short term and business plan target performance
  • Demand commitment of remedial actions
  • Track completion, improvement (or not) of the actions and the impact on performance

If you are open to discussion and potentially use of an integrated, near-real-time mine management solution, it's important that you register for a seat. For more information contact 01753 480480

Numbers are strictly limited and attendance is by invitation only.

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