Performance Success Roadmap

Your guide to the InPhase implementation accreditation programme.

1. Implement the roadmap

2. Request your assessment

3. Receive your organisation awards

What does the guide cover?

Our assessment guide gives you everythi ngyou need to know including an evidence table of all the features and processes you need to demonstrate are embedded and worki ngwithin your organisation in order to earn your stage awards.

  • What is a success roadmap?
  • What is included in the assessment?
  • How is the assessment awarded?
  • What are the benefits of assessing your performance culture?
  • What can I expect the outcome to be?
  • Do you offer assistance to build the roadmap criteria into the system?
  • Who do I contact about my organisation's performance success roadmap?

The Awards

When you work through your performance success roadmap, you'll reach our accreditation stages. Each stage requires a selection of criteria relating to your system and the performance culture in your organsiation to be met. This will be judged by the InPhase team when you submit your organisation to be assessed.

You'll receive physical, engraved award placques from Robert Hobbs when you reach each award stage to mount in your offices.









Download the guide

Get your performance culture off to a running start with the Performance Success Roadmap accreditation guide.

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