Crisis Decision Tracking

Live Staffing Reporting: Action Plan Support & Decision Tracking

Decision making today is happening incredibly quickly and InPhase can be there to support you now and as you come out the other side of the crisis.


Capture all decisions being made.


Asses the short and long term impacts of the decision.

Future planning

Identify now what might need to be unpicked later.

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What's included?

Team members add decisions being made now, with any evidence if desired.

You can track


Who is making the decision, capture sign off and escalate via emails and SMS for faster decision making.

Decision impacts

Identify now, Short and long term impacts on existing and new goals. Close the loop later.

Cost implications

Identify now the financial impact your decision will have on the budget. Estimate long term impact and find savings elsewhere if required.

Budget codes

Align to the finance system or log a simple code for later review.

Policy changes required

Many decisions need a change to policy now and later on. Make sure you know which policies need to be formally updated and shared.


Clearly link risk assessment and actions direct to the decision. Impact risk mitigation and impacts.

Supporting actions

Distribute and succession plan actions as a consequence of the decision real-time.

Custom fields

Additional fields can be added if desired.

Decision stage

Highlight the status of decisions through approval processes.


Escalate issues and critical path blockers to others for rapid resolution.

What about after the crisis?

InPhase’s Decision tool will not only help you now but critically post-crisis.

In a few months, it will be essential to see what’s been done, when, by whom and why. It will make it much easier to assess the impact and work out what long terms decisions need to be taken later.

  • Assess the impact that decisions taken now will have long term
  • Review the effectiveness of the response and look for ways to drive improvements
  • Minimise the cost to restore normal operations
  • Redefine what business, as usual, will look like post-event and identify impacts on the business plan and tactical initiatives
  • Benchmark performance in the crisis against others
  • Review revised predicted likelihood of events happening
  • Improve the impact you can have to better mitigate the incident should it happen next time
  • Create specific, measurable, owned and trackable actions to better mitigate and respond next time

Some FAQs

As all our resources at present are pushed at helping front-line government services and hospitals with staff resourcing, succession planning and prioritisation of actions. We are not offering to do demos of the software live.

If you have any questions we will happily get back to you on email with answers.

How quickly can I get it?

We can typically get you on live and deployed in 24 hours.

I'm also deploying the InPhase Covid-19 app, will they integrate?

Absolutely! The decisions can drive actions which can then succession plan under the Covid App.

Will implementing this effect my current implementation – is there downtime?

No – everything will work as usual.

What happens next?

Get your app setup today!

You can get your decision tracker deployed today with the InPhase team.

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