Respond instantly to fast-changing priorities, risks, policies and plans while working from any location.

Managing Crisis and Change

The InPhase SAFE platform is your one stop crisis management solution, built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, deployable the same day!

Real-time Staff Health

Know the health of all employees real-time.

Succession Planning

Automate Action Succession planning and roll-over of critical actions.


Predict likely outcomes and shortages.

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It starts with people.

When faced with a crisis our primary concern should be people. Their health and security should be paramount.

In business, as well as knowing who is vulnerable or currently ill, you also need to know who is healthy and available.

The InPhase Crisis Management platform helps you with understanding staff wellness with a super simple daily check-in for all your staff and an intuative team capacity dashboard to understand who can work, and who has recently come in contact with someone sick and may be off work in the future.

Daily check-in is easy!

In just a few seconds, you're done! Watch the 30-second demo.

All your staff data in real-time.

Watch a deeper dive into the team capacity dashboard and the rest of the suite.

Then we need action.

Once your workforce is secured. You need to start responding quickly to fast changing priorities and plans.

We give you a complete crisis action dashboard to know what you have to do now.

You can quickly update progress, you can escalate to a manager in a single-click and you can even park actions thare are no longer needed.

We see 3 parts to actions...

Critical crisis actions

These are important, high priority actions, specific to the crisis that need to be done now.

We keep them at the forefront of your working day with the ability to quickly escalate up to a manger, park or convert into an issue in just a single-click.

Normal everyday actions

These are actions that are part of your normal working week that you don't want to forget about.

We'll keep them in your line of sight but easy to distinguish from your critical crisis actions

Succession planning

What happens to actions when someone is eventually off sick?

Succession planning decreases the chances of actions being dropped, by passing them to another available member of the team.

Don't risk risks.

Managing risks and the subsequent decisions and actions is critical at any time, but especially during a crisis.

You need to know what the risks are, their likelihood and what mitigating actions are in place to stop it from happening.

Dive into any of your risks in a single-click to understand the direction of travel of the current likelihood, discussion around the risk, mitigating actions and impacts all from a single popup.

Key Features


Know if your staff are OK. Identify where they are working from and if they need help.

Staff can update on mobile from any location, with reminders and prompts to do so each day, and triggers to line managers if the team member is incapacitated.

Know what percentage of each team are fully operational, partially operational or completely out of action.


Streamline and safeguard your critical actions by orchestrating all crisis activities, by command, by team and by individual.

  • Contingency planning
  • Productivity assurance
  • Panic buttons
  • Automated escalations
  • Issues management


Facilitates fast and accurate situational awareness based on fact, capacity and capability, real-time collaboration and action setting.

Facilitates fast and accurate decision making based on fact and process. Including real-time collaboration, understanding what has already been tried, learning from past trials or incidents and deploying Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)


Priority action failover succession, automatically re-route priority actions from ‘out of action’ to fully or partially operational staff.

Short and long term succession planning enabling you rapidly reassign high priority activity to those that can.

Take resources on or off line and replan which the resources you have available.

Identify the training and personal gaps and work out what decisions to take next for maximum impact.


With all stakeholders – from responders in the field to executives in the boardroom – working from a common operating picture, you will never have to worry that your response plans are not getting executed or tear yourself away from mission critical activities to provide a status update.

Hierarchy of real-time virtualised command centres for Gold – Silver – Bronze Commanders (strategic, tactical and operational) team leaders and individuals.

Super Fast Setup

Free Consultant Support

From the moment we first hear from you, a member of the team is on call to configure your system.

We know time is of the essence. Thats why our consultants are ready to support you free of charge. In a few hours we can have your system ready and your staff checking-in and managing their critical actions.

Craig Newman

Data Intelligence Team Manager - Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue<

"Simply put, our information and performance culture improved dramatically."

Alex Scrivens

Performance & Improvement Manager - Fylde Borough council

"InPhase has proved to be a superb value for money performance management solution."

Emma Carvell

Clinical Programme manager SAFE

"The tool has offered us more than we had initially hoped and the scope keeps growing."


Now is the time for us all to pull together and work as a team. We’ve massively reduced pricing to make InPhase accessible to all. It’s our commitment to helping you through these difficult times.

Now available without any limit on user numbers...

10 - 100,000 users
Available now on a very low cost monthly rate.
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As crisis and business experts, we have implemented Covid-19 specific features to support our crucial public sector and commercial customers who need to keep operating during these difficult times.

Our mission is to make sure you and your teams can function as well as possible, to help keep the economy and country going.

Robert Hobbs, Chief Executive Officer, InPhase SAFE

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