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UK Government Strategy and Operational Compliance Virtual Round Table

Keynote speakers will include

Craig Newman

Data Intelligence Team Manager
Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue


Local Council

Robert Hobbs


14th May 2020 | 10:00 - 12:45
The comfort of your own office

Our round table event is a unique experience – it's your chance to hear from high-profile speakers and meet with likeminded Government and Fire specialists who collectively want to drive performance improvements in their enterprises.

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This is a free 'virtual' event

Who should attend?

This is a small, engaging event bringing together like-minded senior managers who genuinely want to make a difference to their organisations.

  • Performance Directors
  • Finance Director
  • Transformation Directors
  • Head of Compliance (GRC)
  • CEO’s

If you are a change agent in your enterprise and want to explore how you drive performance improvements thought technological innovation to work smarter and more efficiently, this event is for you.

What to expect

The event is designed to explore, educate, enlighten, demonstrate and discuss how public sector organisations today are leading the way in public sector business management and opportunities for improvement.

  • Ensure what needs to get done is not only done on time and on budget but the project and actions are streamlined to goals and outcomes
  • Easily ensure prioritization, focus, alignment and impact
  • Help the business cut out waste
  • Get people focused on the same page
  • Facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing
  • Achieve group learning on next best action
  • Deliver high quality relevant information including “one version of the truth”
  • Provide information to the right person at the right time.
  • Empower people to make faster, better decisions
  • Drive accountability
  • Quickly see the most likely predicted outturn

Real-life case studies from leading Rockstar Managers in Local Government and Fire will show you how they are dramatically increasing productivity AND improving company culture.

Your Hosts

Robert Hobbs

CEO InPhase

Robert is the founder and CEO of INPHASE, with a vision for delivering software to drive performance improvement journeys organisation-wide. Robert is a statistician, economist and business man, international speaker on aligned organisational performance, designer of award-winning software and solution implementations for organisations including: multiple efficiency-improvement Beacon Award projects for Local Authorities, Housing, Social Care, Children’s Service, NHS and Police Forces.

You'll learn how to

  • Deliver enterprise-wide critical alerting of universal business issues
  • Push insights into deviations from both short term and business plan target performance
  • Demand commitment of remedial actions and action analytics
  • Track completion, improvement (or not) of the actions and the impact on performance

Event Sponsors

InPhase Limited

"Implementation of InPhase is digitally transforms the management function of a business, to deliver significant benefits inside weeks of going live."

Goals become religions, data driven decisions an obsession, everyone is a devotee of high impact activity and collective collaboration drives knowledge. Everyone is assured we are aligned and driving efficiently in the same direction.

InPhase is simple to use, Engages the whole organisation, features the best reports and dashboards in the market trends and costs less than hiring a team of specialists to drive change.

What is it for your Public Sector Organisation?

  • The ability to tap into world class thinking in the areas of change and transformation
  • Get you in contact with other like-minded local organisations wanting to move along the performance culture journey
  • Learn from those already experiencing the journey. Mistakes, changes, what to think about and consider. What would they have done then, knowing what they know now?

Need more information on the event? To talk to an government specialist from InPhase please contact 01753 480480

This is a free, 'virtual' event, so you can join from the comfort of your own office or home.

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